"Sonore Festival is an inspiring and invigorating event, featuring a great selection of both young and more established builders across the gamut of guitar traditions and styles. The organization is remarkable, making it a pleasure to participate as a musician, and to forge new friendships and connections in our industry."

Giacomo Fiore
<Classical and Fingerstyle Guitarist, Musicologist and Teacher./>
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Promoting guitar making.

Created by Joel Barbeau, Florian Schneider and Théo Kazourian, three Montreal guitar
builders, the Sonore Festival is an event for musicians and builders to meet. Gathered
especially for the event, these 50 exhibitors of international caliber offer a unique experience for musicians to discover all under one roof acoustic and electric guitars as well as effects pedals and high end amplifiers. The iso booths and the listening stations help visitors to discover these unique products.

Sonore experience

Innovation & inspiration

Sonore Festival invites all guitar lovers to come and meet more than 60 world renowned guitar builders in the heart of Montreal.
Try out their instruments, effects pedals and high end amplifiers. Iso booths and listening stations will be available to visitors to try the instruments. Consult the schedule for the demo-concerts.

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